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80s Soul Legends

Through the years soul music has been streamlined throughout the music industry. It was the 80s soul music that really defined the popularity of the genre. It has brought some of the most talented singers to light, and moved them into the headliner status that they are known for today. It was easy for them to gain popularity in this form of musical stature, because they had the chops to deliver the smooth romantic sounds to the audiences. It also brought the introduction of the drums, and a stronger emphasis on the beat, and distinctive rhythm of the music to life. Here are just a few of the very multi- talented artists that ranked high on the music charts during the eighties.

When it came to the soft and romantic side of 80s soul, most would tend to agree that a major star was born. (Whitney Houston) burst on the scene, with a lot of conviction. She brought with her a fresh new outlook on the original style of the soul music genre. The famous vocal style that she encompassed was very impressive to say the very least. She performed countless loved ballads, and even redefined the music in a way that was increasable. Her direction has never since been duplicated in any other form of music.

It was also in this decade that some of the previous singers of the genre, took on new roles in the 80s soul industry. One of the most world renowned singers was (Lionel Richie). He had been a figure head of the soul music genre for many years before that. It was then that he decided that he wanted to do more than just perform the great music. In the eighties he became one of the most sought after writers of the decade. He had written songs before, but not in the same style that was emerging out of the clouds. He was responsible for writing countless hits that topped the billboard charts, and brought Motown into the highest status that they had ever known before.

There was also several popular 80s soul groups that became headliners over the decade. Two of the most notable was (Baby face), and (Boyz to Men). They introduced a younger and more impression crowd to the music. By bringing in many new prospects to the genre, it created a different feel to the already popular tone of the songs. The creation offered both listeners and artists the chance to expand on the already diverse cultural back grounds. The music also started to spread around the globe in the 80s soul market. The United Kingdom among others began to play the music on the radio regularly. The buzz heard around the world, was that the music was able to create such a mode for all people that it was constantly on the edge of new talent worldwide. It was one of the original types of music that was sung, and it will be one of the last to be listened two as well.